3844 - Tekken 7 - Coouge (Leo) vs XxYy27 (Zafina)

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Do you think we'll get Season 5? Hope we get Jun, Christie and Angel back!

Tekken 7 on PlayStation 5! It loads much faster and higher fps. You can still VS other PS4 players, so online the load time is still the same. #PS5 is amazing, hope they announce Tekken 8 soon with all the characters available right away. I waited for years just to play Anna Williams again in #Tekken7. Now that Kunimitsu is back, we only have one character left. Hope it's Jun Kazama, but if not, I wish we'll have the final Season with Jun, Bruce, Baek, Roger Jr, Angel, etc.

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We love TEKKEN! We are Tekken fans and we've been playing Tekken since 1995. We only play for fun and hope to see you guys online.

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