Apex Legends Season 8 Tier List (WORST TO BEST)

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Alarmix here! In this apex legends season 8 video I am going to be making the legend tier list. This apex legends season 8 legend tier list is going to include every legend ranked from worst to best. Ranking every legend from worst to best in season 8 is honestly a tough task in apex legends this modern day. I will probably make another tier list later this season, but for now enjoy every legend ranked from worst to best season 8. Season 8 Tier List Apex Legends

Introduction 0:00
F Tier (Prank) 1:09
Alarmix's D Tier 1:30
Alarmix's C Tier 5:12
Alarmix's B Tier 8:45
Alarmix's A Tier 14:00
Alarmix's S Tier 22:43

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