AUTO PARRY! ~ How To Use Armor King's Shadow Stance ~ Tekken 7 Armor King Guide

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In this Armor King guide for Tekken 7 Season 4, I show you how to use Armor King’s shadow stance / dark step and in particular his automatic low parry. I show you how this can be setup off Armor King’s grabs and throws such as tombstone and screwdriver. A successful parry will lead to a combo in the open and a wall combo at the wall. To cover the other options, I look at Armor King’s frame data. I show you how to punish and launch wake-up kicks as well as use his spear tackle.

Check out my other Armor King breakdowns and tutorials for beginners. In these I cover essentials, basics and key moves from his movelist and command list. I cover his tech and provide a range of tips such as punishers and launchers. Using these guides you can learn to play Armor and become the best Armor King player.

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