Flipkart Power Play With Champions Quiz Answers | Power Play Flipkart | 8 April 2021

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Flipkart Power Play With Champions Quiz Answers | Power Play Flipkart | 8 April 2021

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Here’s how it works:

- Each day, this interactive show will have a new episode based on the next day’s match
- As hosts, Sehwag and Samir will provide critical analysis of previous games and performances
- Informed by their expert opinions, users will need to answer 6 predictive questions in a bid to win rewards
- All you have to do is, go to the Flipkart app, tap on the Video button at the bottom right of the screen, click on ‘Power Play with Champions’ and get playing

Power Play with Champions will give the users a chance to play the quiz every day. Guided by the expert opinions shared by Sehwag and Samir, the 6 predictive questions will challenge the users’ knowledge and predictive skills related to the game. Users will be tested on various parameters of the game, the teams, players, runs to be made, and wickets that will be taken. Viewers who get 3 of the 6 questions correct once the match is over will be declared winners and win exciting prizes.

Question 1: What will be the aggregate score of this game?

Question 2: Who will score more runs?

Question 3: How many catches will be taken in this game?

Question 4: Who will take the first wicket in this match?

Question 5: How many runs will AB de Villiers score?

Question 6: Who will win the match?

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