Japanese Sword Experts RECREATE moves from Tekken 7 | Experts Try

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Sword experts Toru and Kazu are back on Experts Try and they will reenact some Tekken 7 moves.

This episode of Experts Try is set right at the birthplace of the Katana and Tekken, the distant and beautiful land of Japan!
The silence of the temple will be broken by the sound of flashing steel once more as Kazu Kobayashi and Toru Uchikado swing their swords.

Tekken is mainly known for it's "Iron Fist" characters but nevertheless it features some of the most iconic sword masters in Kazu and Toru recreate moves from the transfigured fox, kunoichi, Kunimitsu, Final Fantasy's boy and guest, Noctis, and Japans very own "Robin Hood", Octopus-Ninja, Yoshimitsu!

Hold tight!
We will be spinning to the limit on this new episode of Experts Try!
Thanks to KIMONOYA EIZI for letting us wear these beautiful kimonos:

Toru Uchikado:
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Kaz Kobayashi:
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0:00 - Intro
0:47 - Asura Blade
1:26 - Blitz Rush
1:54 - Yomi Kakenuke
2:27 - Combination Raid
3:04 - Heshikiribarai
3:43 - Heshikirinagi
4:30 - Cyclone Slash
4:41 - Wood Cutter
5:21 - Nade Kujaku
5:51 - Relentless Lotus Blade
6:53 - Doushi Kiri
8:03 - Ashura Blade
8:56 - Tenshu Kuzushi
9:33 - Oma Gehosen
10:27 - Spin
11:01 - Outro
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