Kindred and LeBlanc - Card Special Interactions | Legends of Runeterra

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Special/Hidden/Secret Interactions for the Set 4 Cards in Legends of Runeterra.
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Shows Arrival interactions as well as deaths and victory of cards from Set 4 such as Kindred and LeBlanc.

The interactions trigger by the top card being in play and then the card on the bottom arriving.
Kindred, LeBlanc and other cards from the expansion will appear in other region videos as they have other unique lines for when other cards in play first and they arrive onto the board.

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Note: Cards are shown in their own sections, they can appear in other card sections because they're shown by X Card being in play then Y Card being played. If the interaction is Y Card being in play then X Card being played then it will be in a different section.

00:00 Kindred
06:08 LeBlanc
08:20 Fading Icon
08:45 The Etherfiend
09:11 Soulspinner
10:31 Black Rose Spy
10:38 Thorn of the Rose
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