LA diaries ☀️ waking up at 6am, weekend fun, and a visit from my brother

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nothing gets me up early in the morning like acnh amiibo

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my brother visited me in LA this week!! it was so nice to see him. i've been getting a little homesick lately, not in terms of missing the physical place, but missing the comfort and safety of family. so it was nice to have some of that back even for just a weekend. and i have been wanting to show him around LA ever since i got here. it was like a second spring break for me :')

i also got my second dose of the vaccine, yay! so all that's left on my agenda going into april is to wrap up my final college semester. whoo, i feel like i am growing up more everyday.

there has also been a lot of stuff going on in the world lately, and as an asian-american creator i would like to direct you to some resources that may be helpful in learning more:

asian mental health collective
report an incident

please stay safe and remember to look after yourself and others!

take care,


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thank you so much !


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bgm president - confusing road /
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