Minecraft: Valorant Edition (*NEW* Minima Collection)

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The *NEW* Minima Collection is out on Valorant, is the Minima Collection worth it? I really like the Minima Skins, they remind me of Minecraft: Valorant Edition. But does the Minima collection justify the 4,270 valorant point price tag or is it simply Roblox Valorant or Tesla Valorant.

The Minima Collection reminds me of a Tesla Cybertruck, what about you?

The Minima Collection is here on Valorant, the guns that the Minima skin collection are on, is the Minima Phantom, Minima Spectre, Minima Sheriff, Minima Operator and Minima Ares. What would you want next? An Minima Knife, Minima Vandal or Minima Judge?

Hope you enjoy this Valorant Montage showcasing the new Minima Collection, could this be one of the best collections on Valorant?

Oh and fun fact, the Minima Collection gave me aimbot. Can you tell from those Minima Operator highlights?

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Minecraft duh.

Minecraft: Valorant Edition (*NEW* Minima Collection)
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