NA vs. EU: Rivalry Begins | Day 2 Tease - VALORANT Masters Reykjavík

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A story as old as esports themselves… NA vs. EU: which region will come out on top? Tune in for day 2 of Masters Reykjavík at to find out.

If you look at the trophy case, EU is clearly the dominant force, however ever since VALORANT First Strike, the international community has their eyes set on North America’s rosters as the teams to beat on the VALORANT Champions Tour.

Day 1’s results have created the perfect opportunity to settle the score on a single day with 2 NA vs. EU matchups: Team Liquid vs. Version1 and Fnatic vs. Sentinels.

Team Liquid are among the favorites to make it all the way to semifinals. But they should be on high alert as Version1 might not be as much of a household name, but they’ve managed to sweep all competition back home and achieved a dominant 2-0 versus Japan’s Crazy Raccoon. Will they surprise the world once more today?

After that match, Fnatic will face the mighty Sentinels. Beyond Fnatic’s prestige as an organization, this roster has rocked the EU scene even as an amateur roster. If they were a menace before, with Fnatic’s backing now they’re an absolute threat and they’re eager to take down North America’s number 1 team.

Does anyone here have serious doubts about Sentinels? Back in VALORANT Challengers NA we’ve seen this story time and time again: no matter how strong does their rival appear at first, Sentinels will be triumphant in the end. Will they show the same strength when the whole world is watching?

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