Need for Speed livestream

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Ahoi Everyone ! Welcome to my stream my name is Frostyboy I'm 29 years old and I live in Germany My favorite games are Call of Duty ,Cs Go,Among Us,and all ps4/ps5 games but I`m open to various games because i m a diverse streamer, feel free to recommend some in the sections of comments
You look for a friend to play the following games : Counter-strike Global Offensive,Call Of duty Mw 2019 ,Wow ,GTAV,Among Us or Games that are new .I wait to join and game with me
My discord server :
Pc Specs :
Processor : i7 9700 gen 9
GPU: Asus Rog Rtx 2060 6 gb vram
SSD : Samsung MVO 1TB
Rams: Hyper x Fury RGB 16 gb
Case:Asus Tuf g501
Mouse:Logitech G Pro Hero RGB
Monitor: Lenovo g24-10 gsync 23 inches
Keyboard: Logitech G203

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