Need for Speed Undercover - Demo (Xbox 360)

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This demo appeared in the Games Convention (GC), sometimes called the Leipzig Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany (August 20-24 / 2008).
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Debug camera and pause menu to access garage and options was enabled through files, all of that was disabled for the actual demo (shoutout to GrandTheftAero for his informative videos on this build).

I was running this on a Xenia emulator with a resolution scale of 2x for 1440p.

00:00 Intro
02:00 Map
02:49 Highway Battle
03:50 Highway Battle Again
05:33 Job (Training Wheels)
08:44 Sprint Race
10:53 Garage
11:24 All Cars
15:28 All Wheels
20:37 Exploring map with the Audi
23:00 Exploring map with the Porsche
30:38 Exploring map with the Dodge
33:53 Pause Menu
35:54 Getting Busted 01
37:07 Getting Busted 02

Garage music removed due to copyright.
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