Need for Speed Underground 2 - Official Soundtrack OST

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The story begins when Ryan Cooper drives a modified blue Nissan Skyline GTR R-34, the same one he used to defeat Eddie in Need for Speed: Underground.
One night after a race, he receives a call from a man offering him a position in his band, but Ryan ultimately turns him down. When he goes to the meeting point, Samantha calls him saying that things are on fire and that people want to see his star and have him arrive soon. When Ryan arrives at the rendezvous point, a Hummer H2 turns on its headlights to blind Ryan, and Ryan hits the brakes, but crashes and wrecks his car. Later, a man with a tattoo on his hand (of which later in a forum it is revealed that the guy who was inside the SUV is a guy named Caleb Kane who at that time is a member of an occult street racing organization that later in the events of (Need for Speed: Payback) (that organization is revealed to be The House which is known for fixing and fixing street races and bringing together the best drivers in the world), roll down the window of the Hummer H2 and Then he calls to say that he had to take care of a “little problem.” Caleb, who after causing the accident, takes over all of Bayview (a city near Rockport) (Need for Speed: Most Wanted).

Six months after what happened, Ryan flies to Bayview to defeat Caleb and take back the city. On the plane he finds a note from Samantha and some car keys from his friend Rachel. Upon landing, Ryan Cooper finds Rachel's green Nissan 350Z.
Once inside the car, Rachel instructs Ryan and asks him to bring her car to the dealership. Anyway, the player can do about three optional races (two circuit and one sprint, the second circuit race is hidden in an alley) that are in the beginning to earn extra money.
Then Ryan comes to the dealership and selects a car. After purchasing a new car, the GPS will self-locate to Rachel's garage. After a cinematic, races will appear, one from each gameplay; that show tutorials to overcome them. By completing all the races, the Beacon Hill area is unlocked. A message from Rachel will let you know.

When you enter any race after unlocking that zone and winning it, various sponsors will show you offers from their contracts. You'll need to complete some races, 5 at Heights, 7 at Coal Harbor East, and 9 at Coal Harbor West, and complete numerous more. All of that is to unlock all of Bayview and gain reputation in order to defeat Caleb. All this is repeated until the last area of ​​the map.
The final race against Caleb is held at the "Bayview International" circuit and 5 laps away. Caleb in the final race wears a black Pontiac GTO.

Capone : I Need Speed
Chingy : I Do
Christopher Lawrence : Rush Hour
Cirrus : Back on a Mission
Felix Da Housecat : Rocket Ride (Soulwax Remix)
Fluke : Switch/Twitch
FREELAND : Mind Killer (Jagz Kooner Remix)
Helmet : Crashing Foreign Cars
Killradio : Scavenger
Killing Joke : The Death & Resurrection Show
Ministry : No W
Mudvayne : Determined
Paul Van Dyk feat Hemstock & Jennings : Nothing But You
Queens of the Stone Age : In My Head
Rise Against : Give it All
Septembre : I am Weightless
Skindred : Nobody
Sly Boogy : That’z My Name
Sin : Hard EBM
Snapcase : Skeptic
Snoop Dogg feat the Doors : Riders On The Storm
Sonic Animation : E-Ville
Spiderbait : Black Betty
Terror Squad : Lean Back
The Bronx : Notice of Eviction
Tom Salta : Do It Again
Tom Salta : Scuzz Missile
Unwritten Law : The Celebration Song
Xzibit : LAX
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