New Nintendo Switch Leaks Appear | MK8 Sales Good News For Mario Kart 9?!

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new nintendo switch leaks (& ps5 & xbox series x) for a third party nintendo switch games (Bandai namco)have appeared! Ones that eco the last nintendo leak that had breath of the wild 2, zelda game leaks, metroid prime ( not metroid prime 4) and even mario kart 9 leaks! if they come true and the nintendo switch pro is revealed at e3, this could be nintendo biggest year yet!

with alot of other 2021 nintendo switch games leaked like the legend of zelda 35th anniversary games that got for new zelda games like the legend of zedla breath of the wild and old zelda games like wind waker switch, could we also see other huge nintendo games like mario kart 9?

according to the nintendo news, mario kart 8 delux is the best selling racing game in us history! i think this is a good sighn for mario kart 9. a game that may be revealed at e3 2021 according to new nintendo direct leaks ( video at the end of description)

other nintendo switch leaks like a new remake for a fire emblem game, a new kiryb game and other big nintendo switch leaks have also appeared recently, along with switch pro leaks as well not to mention the wind waker, twlight princess and phantom hour glass tradmarks.

over all, i think nintendo 2021 is going to be a big step over nintendo 2022 and if this new nintendo switch leaks do come true, then the nintendo switch sales are going to be not only huge but i think nintendo 2022 will be a great time for nintendo switch owners.

we talk about all this and more here on the robo tron show were we cover the latest nintendo switch leaks, nintendo news and other video game topics from sony, microsoft and nintendo. for more gaming news subscribe to robo rob gaming today!

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