Pokimane Calls Out Twitch Rivals Unfair Valorant Teams

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Pokimane calls out Twitch Rivals for their dumb, imbalanced teams in the Valorant Series 2 Event.

Pokimane has been playing Valorant since beta, having worked her way up to Diamond in ranked. She is also a frequent participant in Twitch Rivals events of all kinds. So you can understand her frustration when she found out who her team would be facing in the Twitch Rivals Valorant Series 2 event.

While the rules stated teams could only field 2 immortals ranked players each, according to Pokimane some teams had 3 or 4 of their members as immortals. Bnans and new 100 Thieves member Kyedae had particularly stacked teams that ended day 1 undefeated and included multiple active and retired pros.

Pokimane pointed out that these huge imbalances were stupid, making for bad viewing and bad games. With such huge skill gaps between, there were few close games, which Pokimane argued lead to less excitement for streamers and viewers.

And if you weren’t lucky enough to play on the same team as Bnans or 100 Thieves Kyedae, it couldn’t have been fun just getting dominated all event by teams with such a massive skill disparity.

Despite all this, Pokimane’s team did barely manage to sneak into the play offs of the event, but barring some major upsets, it seems like the results may have been decided when the teams were announced, and not during the event itself.


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