Pretend Play Police LOCKED UP Kaycee in NEW JAIL Playhouse

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Chloe has a fun time pretend play police officer. If someone breaks the police rules 3 times, he or she has to go to jail. Chloe, the Police Officer has a new power wheels ride on car motorcycle. Kaycee is in the jail playhouse but why? Chloe has a police station and she can't lock bad people in her police station so she needs to build a jail house so she calls Kaycee to help her build it. The jail house can help kids to learn their lessons not to break the law. Now the Jail house and police station is ready, Chloe go around town to keep people safe and see who breaks the rules. Can Kaycee escape the new jail playhouse? FunTV kids have a fun time pretend play with toys and colors.
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