SSG Shallot VS SSG Giblet CONCLUSION! Zahha BETRAYS Shallot?! | DB Legends Story Part 9 Book 5

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We have NEW STORY MODE CONTENT For Dragon Ball Legends! This time, Book 5 of the Part 9 story has been released! In these sets of Chapters, the fight concludes between Shallot and Giblet! We even have a new unique Story Mode Cutscene that shows who is the clear winner at the end.

Once the battle is over, Mysterious Man and Zamasu go onto the battlefield. With Shallot and Zahha deciding to join up against unthinkable happens! With Zahha betraying Shallot?!

Things have definitely got a lot more interesting

Story Cutscene (1): 0:00
Battle (1): 4:28
Story Cutscene (2): 5:01
Battle (2): 9:12
Story Cutscene (3): 10:01
Battle (3): 12:37
Story Cutscene (4): 14:14
Battle (4): 21:34
Story Cutscene (5): 25:59

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