Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Sophia & Arthur Spirit Battles + Spiritless Tekken Spirit Battles

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With yesterday's addition of Kazuya as the latest addition to the fighter roster and the addition of Tekken-themed spirits also came two new spirit battles for Sophia and Arthur, previously exclusive bonuses for having save files for Persona 5 Strikers and Ghosts & Goblins Resurrection on your Switch. Now they are available in the shop and on the Spirit Board, so I decided to show off their associated battles, and as I was doing that, I also thought I might as well continue the Spiritless Spirit Rematch challenge with the new Tekken spirits as well! This also marks my first Spiritless victory against a Legend-tier spirit. Meteor attacks worked wonders against Heihachi and Jin! I don't think I'll ever be able to beat Sophia or Arthur with no spirits,

0:00 - Sophia (Ace)
1:49 - Arthur (Ace)
3:15 - Asuka Kazama (Novice, Spiritless)
3:45 - Jack-7 (Novice, Spiritless)
5:34 - Yoshimitsu (Advanced, Spiritless)
7:02 - Paul Phoenix & Marshall Law (Advanced, Spiritless)
8:36 - Ling Xiaoyu (Advanced, Spiritless)
10:10 - King & Armor King (Advanced, Spiritless)
11:02 - Nina Williams (Advanced, Spiritless)
12:33 - Kuma & Panda (Novice, Spiritless)
14:00 - Jin Kazama (Ace, Spiritless!)
15:16 - Heihachi Mishima (Legend, Spiritless!!!)
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