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Hello, everybody????
This is Sinabro????

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Frankly I wanted to make a really calm ASMR content with Among Us push pop fidget toys, but it didn't came out as I expected???? I almost thought about deleting it and make another one but I decided to alter this video a little to make it more interesting. Hope you enjoy the sound but don't watch this for sleep XD Thank you!

00:00 Anticipation pop it (Captain Hook close up)
00:05 Pop it normally
00:19 Aye Aye Captain! Can you pop it with pointy end?
00:24 Pop it slowly
00:38 The Tingles are Among Us
00:42 Pop it slowly again
00:47 Gradually getting faster
00:52 Pop it slowly once again
00:57 Pop it like you mean it
01:00 Let's take a rest
01:11 Keep moving
02:18 Closer
03:11 Why can't I focus right?
03:29 Two fingers pop it
03:29 Like this part the most
04:27 Soft pop it sounds
05:01 Pop it or skip it?????
05:13 Once again with Captain Hook
05:42 Mad Captain Hook pop it
05:56 Soft pop it sounds again
07:26 Original edition starts. It's time to sleep
09:08 Two Among Us pop it fidgets
14:44 Rainbow Among Us
17:35 Yellow Among Us
19:00 Purplish pop it fidget
23:11 Once again with Rainbow Among Us
24:30 I'm sorry I think I woke you up????

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You can always request as many trigger sounds as you want. I'll try my best to make the contents! Thank you and have a good night and sleep well????

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