T7: Afreeca Tekken League 2020 - Season 2 Week 1 POOLS (JDCR, EyeMusician, ImYourFather, tkmuse)

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This was first streamed on the 12th of August 2020 and is part of Afreeca TV Tekken League series. All rights to this footage and others in this series belong to ⒸAfreecaTV Corp and duplication and reuse can only be done with their written permission.
There are 3 regular seasons, each have 6 weeks of tournaments, then LCQ and then finals. After 3 season there will be final fourth season, where the best of the previous season will fight for the grand prize. More info, links and timestamps below.

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Afreeca Tekken League 2020 - Season 2 Week 1 POOLS [0:00]
Match 1 - 12:01 (MiguelRyang [Miguel] vs Eyes [Asuka])
Match 2 - 20:19 (JDCR [Fahkumram] vs EyeMusician [Yoshimitsu])
Match 3 - 27:56 (Poltan [King] vs Pangdolls [Fahkumram])
Match 4 - 35:36 (CMS [Jin] vs LowHigh [Steve])
Match 5 - 45:06 (ImYourFather [Lee] vs Kor-BJS_Killer [])
Match 6 - 59:29 (tkmuse [Hwoarang] vs MulGold [Zafina])
Match 7 - 1:11:25 (Jokre [Lei] vs Ulsan [Kazumi])
Match 8 - 1:29:39 (Wa! Meo-IL! [Geese] vs Hyu [Hwoarang])
Match 9 - 1:37:51 (LowHigh [Shaheen] vs JDCR [Fahkumram])

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