Tekken 7 Lucky Chloe Matchup vs Shaheen, Wall Combo Setups and Grinding Ranked

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For Today's Tekken 7 live stream I will be going through a matchup analysis of Lucky Chloe vs Shaheen, I will go over some BT+3 setups at the wall and grinding ranked battle.

0:00:00 - Intro
0:04:15 - Lucky Chloe vs Eliza
0:07:35 - Lucky Chloe vs Yoshimitsu
0:30:38 - Lucky Chloe Matchup Analysis vs Shaheen Player
1:07:07 - Lucky Chloe Combo Setups at the Wall BT D+3
1:29:41 - Ranked Set vs The Fake Hispanic Heihachi
2:10:40 - Ranked Set vs Wolf_NYC Jin
2:37:00 - Ranked Set vs Awful Troll Lei
2:44:13 - Ranked Set vs Bad Paul Play
2:50:33 - Ranked Set vs Bad Xiaoyu Play
2:53:12 - Ranked Set vs Danny Messatsu Great Geese Player
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