THE MAINS! What Class To Play in 9.1

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We have the mains and decided what class to play in so if you were struggling on what to main in shadowlands, maybe our arguments can help you decide on what to play in :) This time around we didn’t look at any wow dps rankings but decided purely on what felt the most fun and had somewhat of a relevancy plus (and we have to be honest here) we take into account the sylvanas drops too. What should I play in ? MarcelianOnline can help out!

00:00 Intro
01:49 Havoc Demon Hunter
02:49 Feral Druid
03:28 Beastmastery Hunter
04:20 Survival Hunter
05:50 Marksmanship Hunter
06:37 Assassination Rogue
07:48 Subtlety Rogue
08:01 Outlaw Rogue
08:27 Fury Warrior
09:16 Arms Warrior
09:45 Frost Death Knight
10:08 Unholy Death Knight
10:32 Fire Mage
11:02 Frost Mage
12:02 Retribution Paladin
12:48 Arcane Mage
13:41 Windwalker Monk
15:12 Elemental Shaman
16:02 Enhancement Shaman
16:41 Balance Druid
17:24 Affliction Warlock
18:05 Demonology Warlock
19:19 Destruction Warlock
18:28 Shadow Priest

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