US-Mexico border issue is ‘starting to play bad on both sides’

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Sky News Washington Correspondent Annelise Nielsen says the immigration issue on the US-Mexico border is starting to “play badly on both sides”.

US President Joe Biden recently placed Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of stemming the migrant crisis at the US-Mexico border.

“The longer it goes that she doesn’t go to visit, she’s not given a press conference in weeks, and when she’s been given this task, that’s something people want to hear answers about,” Ms Nielsen told Sky News host Paul Murray.

“And this is starting to play badly on both sides because you’ve got these videos coming out of children wandering alone in the desert, going up to the border patrol officials in tears saying that they’ve been abandoned and they just need to be looked after.

“There’s just no point at which they can say this will be fixed.”
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