WIN MORE AIM DUELS! Tapping Vs. Bursting Vs. Spraying - Valorant Aim Guide

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Today we talk once again about the topic of Tapping vs. Bursting vs. Spraying, when you should use it, and also ways to improve on them specifically.

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00:00 Intro
00:37 What exactly are they?
01:21 What exactly is: Tapping
01:51 What exactly is: Spraying
02:52 What exactly is: Bursting
03:46 QOTD
04:09 Pros and Cons: Tapping
05:09 Pros and Cons: Bursting
06:11 Pros and Cons: Spraying
06:49 When should you use them?
07:34 How To Improve: Tapping
08:13 How To Improve: Spraying
08:48 How To Improve: Bursting
09:15 Outro

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