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You know Arslan Ash even if you have only a slight interest in Tekken 7 esports. Many professionals consider this guy the best player in the world - and definitely for a reason. Arslan won quite a few big tournaments, such as OUG Tournament 2018, EVO 2019, and EVO 2019.

During WePlay UFL Season 1, DashFight had an interesting conversation with Arslan Ash, where he talks about his esports career and personal life. Check out this video interview and get to know Arslan as a person beyond Tekken matches.

Time Stamps:
0:07 Dealing with a jetlag and adapting to an offline event
0:42 Hesitations about traveling during the pandemic
1:11 Online vs Offline
1:48 Experience at WePlayUFL event
2:12 Arslan’s childhood in Pakistan
3:01 Family relationships and mom’s support
4:06 How Arslan started gaming
4:39 First Tekken tournament
4:58 Difficulties that Arslan faced to become pro
7:21 Inspirational power of Arslan’s story
7:51 Daily routine of mine
8:46 What’s it like to be a Red Bull athlete
9:46 Evolution of Tekken in Pakistan
10:05 Young and rising stars of Pakistan and how Arslan trains with them
10:51 Pandemic effect in Pakistan
10:41 Arslan has just got engaged! How does that feel?
12:40 Biceps of Arslan and how he chills
13:23 What God and religion means to me
14:58 Why is offline gaming the best
15:25 Biggest rivals in WePlayUFL
15:45 Arslan achieved so much in just 3 years. How did he imagine his journey back then?
16:07 “I’m living a dreamlife”
17:08 Is there an end for Arslan
17:47 EVO 2019
19:04 Why Arslan plays Zafina right now
20:41 Changes that Arslan would provide to improve Tekken
21:39 Tough times at EVO 2019 and how Arslan overcame them
22:52 Biggest difference between Arslan back then and now
23:28 Where Tekken in Pakistan is headed
24:06 Racism that Arslan faced in his career
24:50 Preparation for WePlayUFL event
26:17 First Pakistani to become a Red Bull athlete
28:22 Arslan is Uber Free!
28:52 Fate Esports support
29:13 Best advice you’ve ever got?
29:49 What’s the hardest thing to be the best in the world
30:54 “And you have to be prepared even more”
31:01 Shoutouts
31:47 Shoutouts in Urdu

Arslan is one of the most successful players in fighting games esports, and he will have lots of opportunities to prove his skills and his power. We’ll keep a close eye on the professional career of Arslan Ash and will share news on his achievements through
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