Yassuo Reveals The Hottest League of Legends Champions!

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On this episode of Run it Down, Yassuo breaks down the kit of the soon to be released champion Gwen, analyzes the two Bo5 LCS Games from last weekend, and critiques Riot's Visual Design choices of their champions.

We are again getting a new Champion in League of Legends, Gwen. This blue haired, scissor holding doll turned human has been the center of discussion in the League community. Much like previous champion releases, many are worried about Gwen being broken. Yassuo is here to breakdown her design and kit to see if people's worries are justified (spoiler: they are).

Last weekend's Mid Season Show Down had two huge games: Cloud9 vs Team Liquid & 100 Thieves vs TSM. Both games had insane moments from Blaber's usual jungle dominance, to Spica's crazy Baron steals, and Closer's SUPER FAST Udyr. But of course, there was feeding. To get through all the packed action, Yassuo was challenged to breakdown each LCS game in 60 seconds.

Lately, a reoccurring debate in the League Community has been resurfaced once again. With Gwen, a Doll, being released and designed very similar to other human female characters in the game, many are wondering if Riot's Visual Design choices on champions are actually warranted based on their lore. Yassuo decides to put in his two cents into the debate and looks over numerous champions to see if they should be Hot or Not.

Tune in for this week's episode of Run it Down!

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